We created expertise hubs, covering the basic needs of every company seeking growth. Insights and solutions are found all over the world. We outsource work and work with international teams, with our production & management hubs being in Rotterdam, Cape Town and Chennai.

Growth for a company means it needs positioning , marketing , sales and investment

Every Hub is guarded and guided by our Head Experts who work with selected specialists in second and third tiers. From a Marketing, Sales and Investment perspective, we look with our experts at a company’s offering, culture and technology. This succesful approach makes us the boutique Positioning and business consultant of choice in different regions in Europe and Africa.

Let's work together, We are expending internationally.

Are you an expert (consultant) with a proven track record, in one of our 6 Expertise Hubs or keen to become a partner to start with us your own RLC business in your area / country. We provide an plug and play consulting infrastructure (business), incl marketing communication, sales, admin & invesmtent suport. While working across borders. Please contact us!